My teeth were arms of destruction for I gnawed on everything alive. My vacant heart was abandoned never to know love. My eyes saw the hell and damnation I wrought yet the salty tears I shed as I trudged on brought me to sea, and isn’t the sea the world of the free? |
about me
Hi there! My name’s Syrine but everyone calls me Céci pronounced Seh-See
My face tread carefully
I’m 16 years old and from Tunisia.
My birthday’s on October 18
I love books and i always end up spending my money on them (hah, restraint)
I love harry potter, lord of the rings, the hobbit, pride and prejudice, hannibal and sherlock.
I also like musicals and Greek mythology.
I speak Arabic, French and English fluently.
I love Adele, Florence and the machine, Bastille, Imagine dragons, ed sheeran, lorde, arctic monkeys..
I’m pretty shy and awkward.
And I spend the majority of my time mooning over these perfect human beings: Benedict cumberbatch, Mads mikkelsen, Hugh dancy, Orlando bloom, Tom hiddleston, chris pine .. and the list expends everyday.
My favorite subjects at school are history, French, English and biology (and i really really hate math)
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