My teeth were arms of destruction for I gnawed on everything alive. My vacant heart was abandoned never to know love. My eyes saw the hell and damnation I wrought yet the salty tears I shed as I trudged on brought me to sea, and isn’t the sea the world of the free? |
“I remember
how seeing the shape of your mouth
that first time, I kept staring
until my blood turned to rain.

Some things take root
in the brain and just don’t
let go.”
T.S  Eliot, Slow Dance (via horologists)

anonymous asked: Cinematography for Hannibal or Sherlock

“I’m not sure which is worse: intense feeling, or the absence of it.”
Margaret Atwood  
lotr meme → 6/8 quotes


Ode to Apollo 11 and the joy of discovery + Star Trek (x)

Can I borrow your imagination?


It’s about a girl who gets turned into a swan and she needs love to break the spell, but her prince falls for the wrong girl so she kills herself.

Black Swan (2010)

about me
Hi there! My name’s Syrine but everyone calls me Céci pronounced Seh-See
My face tread carefully
I’m 16 years old and from Tunisia.
My birthday’s on October 18
I love books and i always end up spending my money on them (hah, restraint)
I love harry potter, lord of the rings, the hobbit, pride and prejudice, hannibal and sherlock.
I also like musicals and Greek mythology.
I speak Arabic, French and English fluently.
I love Adele, Florence and the machine, Bastille, Imagine dragons, ed sheeran, lorde, arctic monkeys..
I’m pretty shy and awkward.
And I spend the majority of my time mooning over these perfect human beings: Benedict cumberbatch, Mads mikkelsen, Hugh dancy, Orlando bloom, Tom hiddleston, chris pine .. and the list expends everyday.
My favorite subjects at school are history, French, English and biology (and i really really hate math)
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